A faction of Pakistani Islamic militants,Jamaat-ul-Ahrar,claimed responsibility suicidal attack at Gulshan-E-Iqbal Park,Lahore ,saying it was targeted at Christians celebrating Easter and issued warning of more attacks.

In the meanwhile the Sunni Tehreek and other religious outfits announced to remain in the Red Zone unless the government accepts their ten commandments, which include immediate hanging of Asia Bibi, condemned of blasphemy, removal of non-Muslim from major post,strictly implementation of Shariah in the country,declaring Mumtaz Qadri a martyr,unconditional release of all Sunni clerics and leaders booked on various charges, including terrorism and murdering and assurances that the blasphemy laws will not be amended.

The vivid picture is being shown by the illogical and illegal demand of the Islamic religious outfits that Christians and other religious minorities are being persecuted in the three ways religiously,politically and economically due to their faith other than Islam.

“In the light of the worsening reality reflected in these warnings from Islamic militants to extremists against Christians and other religious minorities ,our campaign for Pakistani government to revise its absurd position to facilitate these religious outfits in any way,and with the campaign to International community to rethink Christians in Pakistan merely not discriminated rather systematically are being made persecuted,” said Sardar Mushtaq Gill,human Rights Defender head of LEAD-Legal Evangelical association Development an human rights advocacy group.

He further stated he knew being a Christian human rights lawyer in Pakistan, is crime,if we speak out ,our corpses will be on the streets,but it doesn’t mean we stop to speak and defend the persecuted.

This is the mutual mind set and agreement amongst all the Islamic outfits including militants and extremists on which they all are agreed, for them if the agenda is to uplift Islam and its faith and values then no other Islamic outfit would interfere neither way rather will support either way.

In Pakistan,there are three such Islamic outfits,the first is militancy group who involve in terrorism-related activities,this group further divided into two groups one fighting against west and other fighting against Hindustan;the second is militancy group who is working to target and terrorized religious minorities in Pakistan;and the third group is the religious extremist who is working to engulf religious freedom of other faiths by demanding illegal and illogical demands from the Government to make a grim life for non-Muslims.The main hindrance for Pakistani Government and military are unable to control these three Islamic outfits,is they are in majority and covering about more than 90% population who have direct or indirect link with them.

These religious outfits are making grim life for Christians in Pakistan and making a challenge for them to survive here.Many are suffering due to their Christian faith.The question is open for Christians, is there any mutual relief giving agenda for us (Christians) to implement for the survival and defense of Christianity in Pakistan?