Report on a Brutal Murder of A Christian Youth by Muslims.

Qaisar Masih a young boy of age about 18 years was brutally murdered on 21st April 2016, his only sin was that he was fell in Love with a Muslim Girl named Mehwish daughter of Muhammad BillaPehalwan. Billa along with his sons and relatives killed him and hanged him in front of his house displaying a message that No one dares to look at a Muslim women. The Voice received a call from the neighbors on 22nd April at night and a team comprising of Adv. Aneeqa Maria, Shahid Anthony, NapoleanQayyum and Asher Gill went to the place of occurrence at Peer Mahal about 300 KMs away from Lahore. It took us four and a half hours to drive to the House of the Deceased Qaisar Masih. The team met his family members, his mother, sisters and brothers and also went to the Catholic Church nearby and met Rev. Fr. John Joseph, Sardar Masih the Father of the deceased and few respectable’s of the Locality.
Rani Sardar: Rani Sardar the Mother of the Deceased met Adv. Aneeqa with tears in her eyes, she only said that, we all know who killed my son, he was the youngest, he was the apple of my Eye and they killed him brutally and hanged him in front of our House. I only demand Justice. I want the accused to be hanged and punished.

IshratGulraiz: IshratGulraiz is the sister in Law of Deceased and the wife of Gulraiz Masih, she said that the Muslim family is residing right in front of my house. The father of Mehwish( The Muslim girl) had threatened us several times the he will kill Qaisar and will set an example of terror in the whole community because he is trying to convert my daughter. I will never let him do this. She further said that he threatened all the sons of this house that he will finish our generations upon this act. She said, we are scared for our children’s lives now.
Police is trying to make it a Suicide case, whereas everyone knows that it is a clear Murder. Our state and the POLICE has failed to provide us security and we assume that they will fail to provide us Justice.

Saira sister of Qaisar: Saira told The Voice’s team that my Brother was innocent, he tried not to contact Mehwish but Mehwish said that she cannot live without him. She wanted to marry my brother. My brother provided her everything. He afforded every need of her and he was willing to marry her later. We told her sisters to ask Mehwish to avoid my brother because her father is a criminal and he will kill my brother. But none of our efforts could save my brother. We demand Justice. Police is with their Muslim fellows and are trying to make it a suicide attempt. She also said that my brother was hanged after being killed and his neck was broken and eyes were swell.

There were marks of resistance on his body. Muhammad Billa and his relatives and sons killed my innocent brother.
Sardar Masih: Sardar Masih Father of Qaisar deceased said that he knows only one thing, if there is God he will do jusice with us.
Ashiq Babar Ex Councelor of the Area: Ashiq Babar told The Voice team that an FIR was registered after quiet resistance of the police as Police did not wanted to register an FIR and they were trying to make it a suicide attempt. But later they registered an FIR u/s 302 PPC , The FIR no is 160/16. But ever after the registration of FIR the police kept on influencing the family that it is a case of Suicide and not Murder secondly when we asked them for postmortem of the body of Qaiser, the police again showed its resistance and first refused to allow them for postmortem but later upon the protest of the family and locality they allowed the postmortem with the instructions to the Doctors that it is a Suicide case for sure. Now we don’t know whether the reports will come in our favor or not. Whether we will be given Justice or will be denied as always. We need your help.
Facts Finding of the Voice team:
The Voice team collected facts from the neighborhood and from the family of the Deceased, according to our fact finding Qaisar Masih was involved with Mehwish in a relationship and he wanted to marry her, whereas Mehwish was interested only in the income of Qaisar Masih, he used to fulfill all her needs and expenses and as long as he was doing every thing for her, things were normal but few weeks ago before his death he stopped giving her money and asked her to marry him, whereas Mehwish although did not refused to marry him but she imposed a condition of conversion if he wants to marry her. Qaisar refused the condition and offered her conversion to Christianity.

This made Mehwish disappointed and while her father was threatening the family of Qaisar his sisters asked the family of Mehwish to stop her meeting and texting Qaisar. This made Mehwish enraged and she conspired along with her family against Qaisar. She called him and asked him to see her at a lonely place near her house. Qaisar did not got time to go there, than Mehwish texted him several times and called him to see her. When Qaisar went to see her, the relatives of Mehwish were ready to take action, they held Qaisar, tortured him, broke his several bones and later killed him and hanged him in front of his house. The Police officials namely Mustafa Gujjar and DSP of Kamalia Police station Mr. Saeed are in connivance with the Muslim family and are doing all their efforts to make this case of a suicide instead of Murder.

It is a pity that the Christian youth trust the women of other religions with their life and lose their lives at the hands of the Muslims, leaving behind all the efforts of their poor parents that they did in raising up a child in poverty. Now the aggrieved family of the deceased Qaisar is awaiting Justice.


Aneeqa Maria
The Voice Society