Special Concern Regarding KotRadhaKishan’s case

Today we are hearing a lot in the news about KotRadhaKishan’s double murder case. Before speaking up into details I would briefly remind you the History of this case, A Christian Couple Shama and Shahzad were lynched and burnt alive in the Brick oven after being held accused of Blasphemy on 4th November 2014 which was not proved later.

Shama was at that time five months pregnant. After their Murder a flood of NGOs and International and Local media went to the brickkiln and every NGO offered their sincere services for the sake of Justice to the deceased couple and their Children. The Government also came under pressure of what so ever and announced a compensation of 5 Million PKR to the children the actual legal heirs of the deceased couple and a land of about 10 acres. The announcement of this compensation created an inside battle of guardianship of their children between the remaining family including the brothers and Sisters of Shama and Shahzad, and thus created two groups i.e. shahzad’s brothers and Shama’s father. Meanwhile Government announced that the State of Pakistan will be the complainant of the case of Shama and Shahzad and every legal action will be monitored and advanced by the State of Pakistan.

Whereas Shama’s father MukhtarMasih’s stance was also justifiable that he have lost a daughter and a grandchild along with his son-in-law therefore it is his right to be the complainant, but it was declined by theState and the State of Pakistan assured him that The Justice will be done to his daughter and her remaining Children. The state also took the custody of the children of Shama and Shahzad and the Child Protection Bureau was actively working to take the custody of the three children namely Salman, poonam and Sonia. But Mukhtar Masih was not ready to accept this, he requested the Voice Society for legal help in this regard, and also for the legal help in the Criminal case of Shama and Shahzad started in the Anti-Terrorism court against the persecutors of the Couple. The Voice agreed to help him and initially formed a legal Panel headed by Adv. Aneeqa Maria the Coordinator of The Voice Society, Adv. Tahir Gul and Adv. RiazAnjum. The Voice contested the custody case of the children of Deceased couple against the State and against Shahzad’s brothers which was accepted and the applications of Guradianship of the Child Protection Bureau and Shahzad’s brothers were dismissed by the Honorable court on Merit.

Along with the guardianship case the Voice’s legal team also contested all the bails of the accused persons in this case and were succeeded to keep them behind the bars for about one and a half years. Now the hard luck of The Voice’s prosecution side is that we do not have any of the witnesses in our command. Whereas the witnesses of the case are the brothers of Deceased Shahzad Masih and their sons, who consider Shama’s father as their rival upon custody matter. As far as the ball was in The Voice’s Court none of the accused came out of the Jail, but now when the trial is at its last stages The State is also week at this point because the State witnesses along with the private witnesses have refused to recognize the main accused of the case. There are about 106 people held accused of this lynching and the brutal murder, and now it seems that everyone will be set free.

I want to ask a question, where are the State’s promises regarding Justice for Shama and Shahzad’s Children? Where are the blood relations? Is the Blood relation doing justice to the Children? What will THEY answer to the Children of deceased couple who’s empty eyes still look for their father’s affection and Mother’s hugs. Please think. Please know that THE VOICE SOCIETY is pursuing the case on behalf of deceased Shama’s father and representing the week children. These children might be week now but their sufferings are much stronger than any other persecuted person.

Now every witness is threatened and refused to recognize the accused who have brutally murdered the Couple, but the little eyes are watching and their evidence is much stronger than anyone’s before GOD. Please do not ignore their sufferings. They have wept alone in the nights while missing the curdles of their parents, they have missed their mother’s kisses and love while they were injured when playing. They have missed their father’s affection while they were alone in the dark. God is watching, every one threatened but the children are not???? THINK AGAIN. Please keep the children in your prayers. Please also keep The Voice Society in your prayers who is standing alone at the RIGHT side.


Aneeqa M. Anthony
The Voice Society