The Voice is desolately reporting this incidence of Murder of a Young Christian Child Ayaan at the age of two and a half years due to the firing of the Muslims upon the petty issue of contract of Paint in Faisalabad in Nazimabad colony. This little soul did not deserved to die. He was playing in his courtyard with his father and grandfather when the inhumane took his precious life leaving his family lamented and hopeless.
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Samsoon Masih the father of Ayaan is a contract painter, he paints the houses and buildings, he got a contract of painting the house of One Haji Rasheed against 30,000PKR. Samsoon Masih was about to finish the contract but Haji Rasheed did not paid him anything. On 1st May, the father of Samsoon named Ishaq Masih broke his arm after felling, and the family called Samsoon while he was on his work. Samsoon demanded his money because work was about to end, but Haji Rasheed gave him only 3500 Rupees. Samsoon got busy due to his Father’s medical treatment for two days, while Haji Rasheed called him several times to complete the work. Samsoon excused for the delay and promised to finish the work but he demanded his money before finishing because the work was about to finish and as per contract Haji was bound to pay him his dues. On his Demand Haji got furious and came to Samsoon’s house and started using filthy language but Samsoon said nothing, the father of Samsoon got furious upon the filthy language and asked Haji not to use this language because they have their daughters and women at home. Haji left the house and brought his son named Basharat and a fellow named Yasir back in a Car, they stopped in front of the house of Samsoon and raised a Voice that nobody on earth can refuse Haji Rasheed’s work and you filthy Christians have got this much courage to refuse me. Saying this they started firing on Samsoon’s house, while Ishaq Masih (Samsoon’s father) and his son Ayaan were playing. Both Samsoon and Ishaq Masih got bullets in the different parts of their bodies whereas his son Ayyan aged two and a half years got bullet in his head and died at the spot.
The Voice received this information on 3rd May and the Voice team went to Faisalabad at the place of occurrence. An FIR no 269/16 u/s 302/324/34 of PPC was registered against Haji Rasheed, Basharat Rasheed and Yasir. While Haji and his son are in Police Custody whereas Yasir is absconded. The Voice team visited the family as well as the Police station Factory area and met the Police officials and asked them in detail about the progress (Names of the police officials are not written upon special request). The police told the Voice team that both accused are in Police’s custody and the third one is absconded while police is raiding different places in search of accused. Moreover the Police in order to complete the investigation is waiting for the medical reports of Both Samsoon and Ishaq Masih.
Dear Friends, The Pakistani Government needs a system in education and in Religious fraternity to develop a sense of patience and equality. The Muslims should be refrained to consider other religions as insects or animals, whose murder does not matter them legally or socially. In spite of all this they are considered Heroes in the society who will go directly to the paradise because of Killing Non-Muslims. We Non-Muslims especially Christians are badly affected with this sort of impatience that leads to persecution. Please keep persecuted in your prayers.

Reported By,

Aneeqa Maria
The Voice Society