Pakistan Christian Movement has launched a movement of “ELECTION NOT SELECTION” IN Pakistan.

During Pakistan Movement religious groups and parties opposed Quid e Azam (founder of Pakistan) and creation of Pakistan but after the existence of Pakistan these people came to Pakistan with a design to convert it into an Islamic state of their own vision and binding. That was a plan to hijack a progressive Pakistan that Quaid e Azam had visualized. These elements declared that they will not accept liberal and secular Pakistan. The rulers of that time(Liaqat Ali Khan) came under the pressure of Mullah’s and constituted a committee headed by Moulana Shabir Ahmad Usmani and committee prepared a resolution (objective resolution) which was passed on 12 march 1949 and was made part of constitution by a dictator General Zia. it was first victory of extremist wing.

With the arrival of Zia government extremist elements finally found state power. We can say extremism as project was set into motion by Zia Ul Haq.In his regime Islam was used as an instrument. During his dictatorship religious groups/parties were supported by government. In his regime objective resolution was made part of constitution and declares Christians and other non-Muslims secondary citizens. All these demands which were not accepted by Quid e Azam (founder of Pakistan), his companions and Bhutto were converted into laws in regime of Zia. Many religious groups came into existence and some of them were having military wings in his regime. These military wings started to dominate each other.

Now extremist elements have dominated almost all the fields and departments including print and electronic media. It has become very difficult for human rights activists especially Christian human rights defenders to work for human rights and persecuted Christians. In Pakistan Christians have been facing problems of extremism, discriminatory attitude of state establishment and failure of its own politicians.

Failure of Christian politicians started before the existence of Pakistan. There were many communities in subcontinent and Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians were bigger in numbers. During partition Hindus got India and Muslims succeeded to get Pakistan and to satisfy Sikh community Punjab was divided and east Punjab was given to Sikh community because they refused to live under the domination of Muslims.

I do not say that Christians should have struggled for separate state or province; I just say that Christian politicians of that era should have struggled for some districts to live together. If Christian politicians had struggled and taken some districts the social, economic and political situation of Christians would have been completely different today. It is political failure of Christian politicians of that era that they could not visualize the future of Christians.

After the existence of Pakistan Christian politicians could not set the destination for their nation. They did not have vision for social, political and economic progress of Christians. The Christian Politicians who came during the period of 1947 to 1990 they did not have any vision or agenda except development work of streets and sewerage. Christian Politicians who came during the period of 1990 till today, they have been doing politics on one point agenda of repeal of Blasphemy laws. Now you people think a nation whose leaders do not have any vision for social, political and economic progress of their people, how such nation can make progress.

In fact these all problems of Pakistani Christians are the result of distance between clergy and Christian politicians and non cooperative attitude and support of clergy to Christian politicians. Now it is need of the hour that clergy should extend their support to Christian politicians to access the destination of social dignity, political power and economic prosperity of Pakistani Christians. Now Pakistani Christians are expecting the same role by the clergy as the clergy of East Timor and clergy of South Sudan played for independence of their respective countries. The clergy of both countries supported their politician and politicians succeeded in attaining independence.

Although Pakistani Christians are not launching movement of independence or liberty, however Movement against discriminatory laws, social and economic injustice and for political power, social dignity and economic prosperity of Pakistani Christians is not a small movement which cannot be succeeded without the support and cooperation of clergy. Wise nations make their present better than their past. Christian politicians and clergy will have to struggle together for bright future of Pakistani Christians. If the clergy does not extend their support toward Christian politicians it would be a difficult task for them to attain the destination of social dignity, political power and economic prosperity of Pakistani Christians. Therefore Christian Clergy will have to play their important and decisive role for bright future of Pakistani Christians.

Pakistan Christian Movement demands adequate and meaningful representation and increase of seats of Christians and other religious minorities in the National and Provincial assemblies, proportionate to their population. Pakistan Christian Movement condemn selection on reserved seats and demand right of vote on reserved seats of minorities so Minorities can elect their representatives on reserved seats for Christians and other religious minorities that’s why Pakistan Christian Movement has launched a movement of ELECTION NOT SELECTION. PCM also demands delimitation of constituencies for reserved seats.

Pakistan Christian Movement demands nomination of qualified Christian individuals against discretionary appointments in the Higher Judiciary, Public Service Commissions, Universities, Public Sector undertakings, including banks and insurance companies, Authorities, Corporations and in other statutory bodies. WE demand outstanding Christian persons as diplomats in foreign countries
If Pakistan Christian Movement comes in power we will set up educational fund with the name “Christian Educational Fund”. This educational fund will offer scholarship to brilliant and extraordinary Christian and other deserving students for higher education of M Phil and PhD. In second phase this institution will set up different colleges for medical, engineering, law, business and for other professional studies for Christians and other deserving students.