Report on Blasphemy case in NabiPura District Sheikhupura

A blasphemy case has been registered against Usman Masih s/o Liaqat Masih on 25th May 2016 The FIR No is 744/16, u/s 295 C. The police arrested Usman Masih on 24th May and took him to the unknown place. While the wife Farah Usman Contacted The Voice for help. The Voice got the FIR and is awaiting the investigation to be completed. As this matter involves the dignity and respect of our sisters and mothers therefore The Voice will completely probe into the matter and will await the results.

Preview of the case/History:

On 24th May The Voice was contacted by some sources and was told about the tensions arising in the area/village of NabiPura district Sheikhupura. It was told that the village NabiPura is under severe threats by Muslims and they are preparing to burn down the Christian houses upon the allegation of Blasphemy against six-seven people. The Voice confirmed the news and contacted one Masih (the name is not written due to security purpose). The Masih came to the Voice’s office and told that there were tensions arose in Nabipura due to the dispute between Christians and Muslims upon the issue of Social Media. He told that there is a gang of men both Christian and Muslim who take pictures of the neighboring girls and women and post them on the Facebook and then they post Humiliating and appalling remarks on the pics of women and girls. He further told that Asif Masih one of the friend of the group made an account but somebody hacked his account and used to post the appalling, horrendous and disrespectful remarks and pictures against women, a few months ago somebody posted some disrespectful remarks against the Holy Prophet as well, “we all read the remarks and deleted them”, but some of the Muslim friends saved the remarks and gave them to the police. This racket involves some men from Dubai one named Hannan and other countries as well who use to post disrespectful remarks against the Holy Prophet. He further told that we did not do anything, because we are in their friend’s list therefore we also got the same posts in our account. But we deleted those posts and did not showed it to anyone.

Next day i.e. on 25th May the wife of Usman Liaqat visited the Voice’s office and told the whole situation of her husband and his friends to the Voice.

Farah Usman: Farah showed some saved posts to the Voice’s coordinator Adv. Aneeqa Maria and told that Hannan and his friends and his brothers are involved in such a shameful act that she can’t explain. She further told that these women in these pics are not involved in this racket, but the boys take their pictures through their phones and posts them on facebook and then comment shamelessly on them. Those comments were really shaken and disgraceful against the women. Though there were no blasphemous comments included in the saved comments, as she told that they have deleted those comments. Farah said, my husband works in a Honda factory and is always busy, he hardly have time to check his face book. But as these people are in friend’s list therefore they also share such shameful comments and disgraceful comments on his face book as well. She further told that on 23rd Usman had some quarrel with the other Christian group on the same issue of posting disrespectful comments on women and he was beaten and got injured. He fought with the Christian men because he wanted to stop them for posting such filth but they started beating Usman, later some men went to the police station and filed an application against Usman that he has committed blasphemy few months ago.

The Voice’s fact finding: As the matter started on 23rd May and The Voice was aware about some tensions between Christians and Muslims in Nabipura, the Voice was also doing its fact finding regarding the case whether such reports are right or wrong. The Voice found the gang of men involved in the filthy activity of posting pictures of girls and women and then they post filthy, derogatory and shame full comments on such pictures. Although regarding Blasphemy TVS did not found any proof or posts in their Facebook accounts but yet these men are involved in a shameful act and being a Human and Women rights organization The Voice strongly condemn such act and we do not consider it as a matter of religious persecution. Therefore those who are trying to make it a religious persecution, we suggest them to have a look upon the posts and messages on these men’s facebook accounts. They will know the truth. Although Usman is married and having 3 Kids namely Joyesh aged 8years, a daughter Christiana aged 10 years and Isaiah aged 3years. The Voice is further awaiting investigation and probing into matter finding a reason to help Usman if he is innocent. The Voice contacted the SHO(station house officer) of the Police station Factory area but he said that a special investigating team (Joint investigating team) will be formed to investigate the matter properly. Once the investigation is complete then he will be able to tell something about this case. However the DPO Sarfraz Khan Virk held the FIR and instructed the police to ensure safety and peace in the village.

Reported By,

Aneeqa M. Anthony
Advocate High Court
The Voice Society