A poor Christian Manzoor Masih father of 10 children resident Village Bugri, District Kasur was severely beaten and injured with a fireman by his Muslim landlord living in his neighbor on 16th June. The armed men forcibly entered his home, insulted his daughters and wife, beat them and outraged their modesty. Manzoor tried to lodge an FIR but to no avail. Today when I came to know, I contacted DPO Kasur Ali Rizvi and MPA Punjab Merry James Gill, Asif Aqeel human rights activist and report writer researcher who immediately took action by ordering DSP Saddar to visit the village, register FIR and arrest the suspects. During my meeting with DPO Kasur alongwith Saraj Tairq Advocate and other community leaders, he assured that the security is deployed to avoid any outward situation. Later on, I also visited the village and met the family.
Manzoor Masih and 170 other Christian families are living in same village some of are working at bricks factory, some of them are daily wages , some of working with former’s land and some working on contractors in crop filed. Manzoor Masih and his children are cutting carrot and seasonal vegetable on contract. Last year he did same and after good profit M Naveed took 56000 PKR loan from Manzoor Masih for 6 months period but he did`t fullfill the promise and manage plan against Masih to avoid money back. On 13th of June Manzoor Masih ask his money back But Naveed started abuse and threatened him to punished if he again demanded of remaining amount of 26000 PKR. The Same day at late night Muhammad Naveed called his relatives and attacked with heavy wooden sticks, They 8 people entered in to his house and open the gun fire. Manzoor Masih try to save his elder son within that time the gun fire touched Manzoor`s hand after they burnt his Donkey cart, two beds and cloths.

They other Muslims looted some cash and some try to burnt his younger daughters.
History of Kasur. District Kasure is much famous on child labor, tanneries, child abuse and religious discrimination. In August 2010 the Muslims burnt many christian houses in Bameni wala but police never did as per law and favor to the culprit and the political Muslims and Christian leaders made compromise and the arrested people never punished,
In November 13 the Muslims burnt alive christian couple but still no one punished, Last year many children were sexually abused but no one punished.
In this case when we met to DPO no one were arrested, The police and some local media journalist supporting to Muslims not Masih, even they approached to hospital and changed his medical report.
Ground Reality.
The poor justice system and police investigation this case will be pushed back with the help of local Muslims and Christian leadership . The police always looking Muslims back ground, Wealth and political influence, The complainant always threaten by the local former, Head of the village forcing to compromise with culprit and asking forgiveness , The Christians in this district never treated as human even they are living some strong back ground.
In this case the same elements now active to fail the justice and implementation of law and equal rights.
Khalid Shahzad
Minority’s rights activist