In Pakistan the Christian Political Leaders are Slaves
The Voice team with Sister and Mother of Badal,Samrah telling her story
This very sad incidence happened on 17th June 2016, when one SeharWasif a Muslim woman eloped with one Christian stage dancer named Bahadur alias Badal s/o Inayat Masih. As usual the family of Inayat Masih had to face all the consequences for what their son did. i.e. took away a Muslim woman, which is never bearable by the Muslims. Although the Police got registered an FIR against Badal Masih and his sister Shaguftafor kidnapping a Mulsim woman and stealing from her house but it did not satisfied the Muslim’s ego. The family of Sehar on 25th June sent some men (Goons) to Badal’s Sister’s house asking her where Badal and Sehar are. It is understood that she (Samrah) knows nothing but the four men among which one is Sehar’s brother and family member threatened SamrahBadal’s sister to tell them the truth otherwise they will do every bad to her because it’s a matter of the Honor of the Sehar’s family. But Samrah knew nothing, so she couldn’t told anything. Therefore the four men slaped her, bounced her and beaten her badly than they brought her out of her house and tore all of her clothes and made her completely naked, as it is their saying eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth and honor for an honor. The five children of Samrah named Sameer, sunil, rameez, Kainat and Zoya witnessed the whole episode of dishonoring their mother, yet our so-called Christian politicians are of the view that this whole incidence is just a story. The reason is that, Sehar’s family is very influential Mulsim family of the area, and Sehar is herself married. So her Husband is also from some Muslim religious background. They are possessing the famous Mosque of the area named EkMinarWali masjid in Haji Pura Lahore. Therefore they have quiet a political influence and it is the area of HamazaShahbaz the son of the Chief Minister of Pakistan. Therefore the Christian Politicians are of the View that Muslims are at Right. Sehar should come back home no matter she would be killed now for dis-honoring the family, or Badal Masih would be burnt or killed but Humanity is higher than politics for our Christian politicians. No matter Mr. Kamran Micheal, and other politicians knows the whole story and the whole situation but yet they have no honor and courage to help Christians. In spite of knowing how much the Christians would suffer but they will fulfil their duties towards Powerful.
Samrah Bibi at TVStvs team with Badal's family
The Voice society was contacted by the mother of the family named Shamimbibi known as Cheema, and she requested The Voice to help. The Voice team including Shahid Anthony, Tahir Gul, NapoleanQayyum, Imran Zafar went to the family and then to the Police station to register and FIR against the accused under sections 354-A, 452 and 506 PPC. The Voice team met Superintendent of Police Mr. Naveed Ahmad and also the Station House officer Mr. MudassarUllah Khan and gave them application to file First Information Report but the family was held captive in the house of the Christian Minister for human rights Mr. Kamran Micheal for not to register the FIR. As they say that it will cause the conflict between Christians and Muslims as Only Muslims have respect and honor and Christian women are slaves having no honor and rights. The Voice team is making all efforts to seek justice for the sisters of Badal Masih. What Badal did is not the responsibility of the family. The Voice will file the bail petition of Shagufta who is in Jail to release her and will also do all possible efforts to ensure filing of FIR and to ensure Justice for Samrah and her family. Please keep the family and the Voice team in your prayers.

Reported By,

Aneeqa M. Anthony
The Voice Society