Farooq Abad. 8/7/2016. Yesterday in Farooq Abad punjab Pakistan a young Christian girl of 17 Sonia was raped by personal security guard of Irfan Dogar (MNA PMLN)yesterday when Muslims were celebrating their Eid festival and normally Christian were busy for their own work. As usual Sonia’s parents were busy in crops field she was lonely at home, The rapist come to know that her parents are not at home, when Sonia came out from home to purchase something to eat at shop near house, then Iqrar Hussain forced to caught her and brought her in to his house.

At the time of offense the whole family of rapist were present. In one side the Muslims don`t like to marry with Christian girls but the love to insult and rape with the help of and shelter local land lords and political leaders whom always enjoying these type of case.In these cases police is always looking to the land lord and member of province assembly and member of National assembly.In this case the same things happened, The police station of Sadar was not interested to register FIR against rapist Iqrar Hussain kamboh. When we called and some Christian org protest.Then police registered FIR against the rapist, but avoiding to arrest him, today police arrested him due to many christian organization`s pressure. The family seeking justice.

We demands that Chief minster should take notice and visit to victim`s family, The federal minister for human rights visited to the village and met the local MNA Irfan Dogar who has fully influence to the local police station and instructed to the SHO of Sadar police station to not register FIR against rapist. The federal minister for human rights also visited to victim`s family which is not enough,