A Christian Man booked for Blasphemy Finally after many attempts in different parts of Punjab.

Finally a Christian man is booked under Blasphemy allegation after several attempts to file the blasphemy charges against Christians as it is evident from the past few months. First in Mandibahauddin and then in Gujrat against Sonia bibi but now finally someone got registered an FIR against Christian man and made suffer the whole community in Sara-i-Alamgir.

The Voice team was informed that on Sunday 10th July 2016, a Christian Man named Nadeem Masih was held accused of Blasphemy in the area of Sara-i-alamgir.He is charged to dishonor the name of Holy Prophet and the rest of prophets. Therefore the FIR(First Information report) against him is registered under sections 295C and 298 A.
The Voice team went on the fact finding mission to explore the facts. The voice team reached sara-i- alamgir in the Father’s colony where this incidence occurred, but the whole area was empty. There are about 45-50 Christian families residing in Father’s colony who left the area because of the threats of attack from the Muslims on the area upon the allegations of Blasphemy against a Christian. It is now a trend that if one person commits blasphemy or even if he is accused or blamed for the allegation the whole community that resides in such area suffers consequences. Either their homes are burnt or they are beaten and tortured by the Muslim fundamentalists.
The Voice managed to see one of the brothers of Nadeem Masih named Shahbaz, he told the Voice that, “my brotherNadeem and all of our family has fled the area because the Police arrested my wife Samreena and my son Elisha who is just 18 months old. The Police also arrested my sister in law and they tortured them in order to pressurize the family to bring Nadeem to the Police station for arrest”. Adv. Aneeqa Maria asked him about the actual incidence and he told that, “My brother Nadeem was 29 years old having two children a daughter of about 12 years and a son of about 9 years. His wife have left him and since his children are studying in an English Medium school. He further said that Nadeem Masih is a tailor and is having friendship with the petitioner/complainant of the FIR YasirBashir from last 12 years. He was a friend and was like a family member. It is said that Nadeem was involved with a Muslim girl in a relationship but I cannot confirm that. It could be a reason of this whole case.

According to FIR No. 301/16 the date of incidence is 4-07-16 when Nadeem sent a derogatory SMS on what’s app to his friends including Yasir Bashir. These sms included derogatory remarks against the Holy Prophet, against the Sahaba-e-karam and against Ahl-e-Sunnat. Therefore Yasir saved the messages and presented it to the Police for the sake of registering a case of Blasphemy against Nadeem Masih.
Shahbaz Masih said, I cannot imagine that Nadeem could do this. None of our brothers is educated, instead I know that Yasir Bashir took the mobile of Nadeem he did the internet package on his phone and then he opened internet and youtube and downloaded the derogatory material in order to blame Nadeem for all these charges. The Voice is still exploring some facts and will send a complete report after completing our fact finding regarding the Muslim girl and more about Nadeem’s qualification.According to some news agencies, the police have said that the message shows that a religious argument had been going on between Bashir and James and that the allegedly offensive message was part of the conversation. The police added that they are investigating whether the alleged message was first sent to Nadeem James by someone else, before he passed it on. Whereas Nadeem’s brother or any family member cannot confirm this news.
According to the fact finding of The Voice team, there could be some more reasons that leads to this incidence and not only the distribution and exchange of messges. The Voice team will let you know more as soon as we find more.

Reported By,

Aneeqa M. Anthony
The Voice