Today i.e. 1st October was the date of Nabeel Masih’s case hearing, The Voice team along with the Legal Panel was at Pattoki sessions Courts to argue the Bail, but due to some supplementary statements the case of Nabeel was still under investigation so the Court couldn’t decide and adjourned the case until 8th October. Nabeel was brought from Jail in high security zone as the situation of the area was very tense, the complainant party was in the court with a mini mob of about 50-60 Maulvis and were seeking a chance to snatch Nabeel Masih from Police’s custody.
Thank God Nabeel was in the high security zone and thus was in the custody of Elite force so no body could touch Nabeel, this failure enraged the mini mob, and they started looking for a chance to grab the father and brother of the accused (Nabeel) and also started to create an atmosphere of dispute with the Lawyers of Nabeel Masih. Thank God we got a safe way out along with the family of Nabeel and reached Lahore safely. The Voice’s legal panel have decided to try to transfer the case, becuase it is not at all safe to appear in the Pattoki courts which is the home for fundamentalists. Please keep us all in your prayers. cooming home safe is an other Miracle in our lives, while the Voice team often witness such Miracles and have strong Faith on Our Lord for our protection. More over the prayers of our friends like you always save us from all Evils. Please find the enclosed attachments for some pics taken in the courts in spite of all security.