Initial Report upon the Muslim’s Attack on Christian Pastor’s House

Last Night i.e. 19-10-16, Some Muslims named Abdul Hameed Gadhi, His sons Sajawal and Babar Gadhi along with about 50 people attacked on the House of a Pastor named Mikel Robert at MohallahSaddiqabad, city Farooqabad District Sheikhupura. His family including Father Robert Masih, Younis S/o hassain Masih, Surraiya Robert Mother of Michal Shakeela Bibi wife of Michael Robert were present in the house, the Gang of Abdul HameedGadhi attacked the colony and did firing to harass the residents so that nobody comes out to help the family. The men entered the house forcefully and beaten the family including women badly. The attackers threw all the luggage in the house outside the house and broke each and every thing including furniture and all households of the house.The attackers also looted the house badly. All the men in the house got severely injured and got head injuries and injuries back, legs and arms but unfortunately Police did not let the actual medical report to be made. The Police conducted the medical in its presence and the medical officer biasedly mis-handled the Medical Report and got the report in accordance with His officer’s wish.
The property dispute started about two years ago, when the actual owner/seller of the house sold the property again to a Muslim group named Hameed Gadhi and others, they got the registry of the house whereas Michael’s father had the stamp papers for the payment and agreement of buying the house. The dispute went to the Police station and then to the courts, court stayed the matter until the owner of the house is not declared in accordance with the circumstances and proofs. Meanwhile the Police station got some administrative changes and a new SHO named Syed Wajihul Hassan was deputed in the Police station. SHO started to threaten Mikel and his family of dire consequences if they do not leave the possession of the House. The Voice’s lawyer filed a Writ petition of harassment against the Police in the session’s court which was decided in Mikel’s favor, but the SHO did not stopped and ten days ago he along with two Police mobiles loaded with Police men went to the Mikel’s house and threatened them badly to vacate the house. The Voice filed a Writ of harassment against DPO and SHO of the same relevant area in the High Court and it was also decided in favor of Mikel. Later on 19th October at about 10:15pm in the night Abdul HameedGadhiand his fellows attacked the colony armed with weapons.
The Voice team reached the place of occurrence at about 2:00pm in the night and went to the hospital along with the family for treatment and Medico-legal Report, but unfortunately doctors and staff of the hospital were very biased and they did not conducted the Medical honestly and concealed many things in the report. Therefore the Voice team decided to challenge the Medical again. Later the Voice team reached the Police station and also visited the place of occurrence along with the Police because the Police locked down the house of the Victims and deputed some of the police men in the house. The Voice took some facts and went back to the police station. The Voice moved an application for the registration of the case But right now the priority is to vacate the house from the illegal possession of the Police on urgent basis otherwise Mikel and his family will be suffering in the streets. It is a pity that police goes against the poor family. The Voice lawyers moved an application for the registration of the case under sections 7ATA, 354, 452, 148/149, 324 PPC. The Christian community of the area are awaiting justice.

Reported By,

Aneeqa Maria