Date: March 19, 2017


Members of OCPA are cordially ready to welcome all honourable guests from all over Europe. We are happy to announce that the final preparations of the Overseas Pakistani Christian Alliance(OPCA) are all done.


As we are aware that members of OPCA (Netherlands ) have taken  the responsibilityto host in Amsterdam,Netherlands on 25th March,2017. A  large number of Overseas Pakistanis are attending the Conference from all over Europe and Great Britain.  The final meeting for preparations was held on 19th March, 2017 in Rotterdam. Pastor Nadeem.K.Dinlead the meeting in co-ordination with Elder IjazFaraz and Bobby Bob.

All members of the hosting group finalised the agenda of the program.All assigned members reported back for their assigned jobs to be done and informed about the roles to perform during the Conference.

All members well appreciated the efforts of Bro.KaleemSaleem,to arrange for the Conference in Amsterdam within limited sources.He has wellmanaged for all expenses for the Hall and accommodation of the participants.We are heartily thankful to Bro.Kaleem for such an economic arrangement.


Seventeen members from Belgium and Netherlands attended the meeting including Pastor Nadeem.K.Din,Pastor PervaizIqbal,Evangelist Michael William, Elder IjazFaraz, Elder SajidBhatti, Bro.AnjumIqbal,Bro.AzeemMasih,Bro.KaleemSaleem,Bro.Ijaz Mathew Zulfiqar, Bro.GulbazFazal,Bro.MangatMasih,Bro.Bobby Bob, Bro.Rafique Thomas, Bro.AbidShakeel, Sr.HinaPervaiz, Bro.Saleem Din and Bro. Watson Gill.


As we are doing the whole event on self-support , active members of the hosting team who were not there but are financially supporting the event include Pastor Peghani, Pastor MunawarInayat, Pastor Imran Gill, Bro.MorisInayat, Bro.Jumshaid Malik, Bro.Gasper Daniel, Bro.Younas William, Bro.Majid Malik, Bro.Griffin Emmanuel and Bro.Sunny William.


We are  thankful to Rev.BishopArshadKhokhar (Belgium) who spared time out of his busy schedule for the meeting.We are privileged that Bishop Saab is taking personal interest in the Conference.He appreciated and congratulated the management committee for all preprations. He added that he was indeed glad to find all church,political and social leaders integrated for the same cause.


We are looking forward to an overwhelmed participation from all over Europe.Hopefully together we will go one step beyond.


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