Lahore, June 23, 2017: The human rights defenders, political activists and peace builders, academia and representatives of civil society organizations expressed their grave concerns over the ineffective representation of religious minorities through “Minority Wings” in main stream political parties of Pakistan demanded to eliminate these wings immediately.


A delegation of Minority Rights Watch had a meeting with Mr. Qamar Zaman Kaira, President of Pakistan People’s Party Central Punjab, to discuss the issues related to Minority Wings in Political Parties, 5% quota in jobs, educational institutions and other government institutions and participation of religious minorities in mainstream political process.

A delegation were extremely articulate in enlightening the socio political situation of the religious minorities in Pakistan and express strongly that the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not align with the guidelines of the Quaid-e-Azam founding speech, even not providing the equal citizenship to religious minorities. The delegation shared that it is the responsibility of the political parties to start the campaigns to end hate, discrimination and violence against religious minorities and promote peace, social harmony and co-existence in political and social system.

A delegation also added that the “Minority Wings” is not a proper arrangement for religious minorities. These wings are creating segregations in society on the basis of religion and given sense as second class citizen of the country. A delegation also added thatthe discrimination embedded in the constitution, laws, policies and the biased curriculum have contributed in breeding the trends of hate, discrimination and violence should be ended in the country. A delegation further demanded to all political parties to eliminate these “so-called minority wings” and give opportunities to the representatives of religious minorities in mainstream political process.

Minority Rights Watch called upon the political parties, media and other stakeholders to play their role to amplify their voice for inclusiveness of religious minorities in mainstream political process in forthcoming general election in country by providing party tickets to the representatives of religious minorities in those constituencies where they have strong presences in the country.

Minority Rights Watch, a social media group, dedicated to support  religious minorities where they are suffer discrimination, oppression and persecution as a consequence of their faiths in Pakistan.