Lahore:  A Guardian Judge of Lahore Court No.1 Mr.Dildar Shah has hurted the religious feelings of a Christian lawyer and his Christian clients due to their Biblically names and insulted them by saying repeatedly a derogatory word ‘Asai’ similar to pejorative word ‘Chura’.
A Christian lawyer Kashif Alexander Rajpoot appeared with his clients Rebecca Samuel, Aslam Samuel, Natasha Samuel, Zubi, Sania and Daniel samuel in the court of Guardian Judge for taking succession certificate and when their Christians names were called,the judge started to rebuke them by saying unacceptable word of ‘Asai’ in the open court and criticised Christians as a whole.The lawyer realised the Judge that he was insulting him and his clients due to their Christians faith,but the judge did not apologise rather repeated the derogatory words again with the lawyer too.
The Judge has insulted the lawyer and his clients due to their Christians faith and he has hurted their religious feelings.This behaviour and attitude of the judge is condemned and he must be punished for the wrong he has committed as per law.
Christians in Pakistan are being treated as second-class citizens and a hatred literature is being taught in educational institutions against Christians and other religions.A educated class of Muslims also treat them as a lower status citizens due to their faith and they are the main persons responsible for spreading hatred against Christians in Pakistan.