OPCA held a very successful meeting on Zoom video by Chairman Noel Malik (Italy).

The 1st meeting 2020 of executive board was about the introduction of all the members. OPCA members from different countries participated in this meeting via online conference (Zoom). The main aims and objectives of the OPCA were discussed in this meeting.  Few points of discussion were:

How OPCA can play a role to fight for the rights of persecuted Christians in Pakistan?

How can we reach to the unreached in emergency situations?

The senior members suggestions were pointed to achieve the goals in efficient ways.

It was also discussed in the meeting to help Christian fellows during this pandemic period.

How to arrange protests in different parts of the world to aware authorities about the discriminatory situations in Pakistan face by minorities. 

OPCA is a nonprofit organization fighting for the rights for the persecuted Christians. OPCA is welcoming all the Christians worldwide to unite and share your experiences, thoughts and suggestions.

Meeting was ended with prayer by Pastor Justin Bhatti from Italy.


  • Noel Malik- Italy (Chairman)
  • Shafique Masih-Portugal (Senior Vice Chairman)
  • Pervaiz Khokhar- France(Vice Chairman)
  • Justin Bhatti- Italy (General Secretary)
  • Asif Shahbaz- Ukraine (Joint Secretary)
  • Philip Javed-Cambodia (Media Coordinator)
  • Summer Bhai-Italy (Media Coordinator)
  • Robin Shahzad-Malaysia (Youth Secretary)
  • Asif Mall- UK (advisory Board)
  • Griffin Emmanuel-Portugal (Advisory Board)
  • Pastor Nadeem K Din-Holland (Advisory Board)
  •  Sarfraz James-Poland (Advisory Board)
  • Stainley Goury- Hungary (Advisory Board)
  • Younus William- Holland (Advisory Board)
  • Watson Saleem Gill- Holland (Advisory Board)